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I put this site together to provide a 'little' info about Me and events that  I am associated with.

Info is basic and mush more info can be found on my members only private facebook page.

About ME...

Arrived in Toronto in July 1986 from St. John's NL 

I have always loved music and have been partying in dance bars In NL since I was 14...Arriving before security got on the door then hiding out until the place was too crowded to be noticed.  I was the only grade 9 student who partied till 6 am from Thursday to Monday mornings.  Yet, still managed to keep up in school with most subjects at an honours level. 

I started playing music in Toronto in June 1987.  I was living in an apartment one parking lot away for the biggest and best gay bar in TORONTO. The "Chez Moi" (Bar and Discoteque) on Hayden Street in Toronto.    I was a regular there on the dance floor.  Very convenient and FUN!   The Club Owners, The Korenowskis,  and then Manager-Linda Hajekerou a.k.a. "The Who", approached ME and asked if I wanted to play music for the bar.  After the shock faded I agreed...why not???  So they set me up in a dj booth in front of two turn tables, a mic, cases of vinyl, a lighting panel that would rival any European Disco and put me in charge of spinning tunes out for the masses. Wow! Was like I was in a dream!  Turns out...I was!

I was once quoted by Toronto Life Magazine for "spinning an unpretentious line up af dance floor music and the only Toronto DJ who takes requests". Well,  I still do!  Because the PARTY is no good if YOU ain't dancing!  This approachable and friendly Newfie nature is probably why I was the First female DJ Nominated for JOLD DJ awards in Toronto. EXTRA Magazine also featured me regularily in the Stepping Out section. 

Chez Moi's clientelle grew until there were line-ups of hundreds waiting to get in to dance - all ethnicities, socio-economic groups and ages. THE CHEZ was regularily and often quoted by the vast majority as "the best dance bar ever".

Sadly-for-us, the owners were in posession of a very valuable piece of property that the government bought.  "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot"  The bar closed and the clientele that came from all over the world to party there were shut out.  There has never been a place quite like it since.  Often imitated but, never duplicated. 

I went on to DJ at all the HOT SPOTS int Toronto and brought music to many private functions, dances, weddings and parties within the community.   

I really wanted a family, so I decided to leave the music business.  I went back to College to persue a new direction.  The plan was to settle down and have some children after I got a new career started. Off to college i went and took some business courses and got a Business Diploma, a few certificates and finally managed some very profitable business for other people. I decided then to go back to school one more time and get my Real Estate Licence.  Finally, i was set in a new career and starting a family. This career was/is very rewarding as making people happy seems to be my favorite thing to do. The jewel in my crown is my child. After many years and various means of trying to conceive, my patner and I had a son! I eventually married the love of my life...My life was complete.

Throughout the years my love of music and the PARTY never died.   Eventually, I was invited to spin at a bar in Cambridge for a diverse group of guys and gals. Sam (from Brave and Crazy fame) gave me call, she gave my number to Dave Hibbs, (Ion Entertainment)...and the rest is history. I started playing music again at Baker's Street in Cambridge. I WAS BACK! I continued to sell Real Estate because I loved it so much and the music was infrequent and not guaranteed.

Eventually, I got used to the music again and played on my terms. Doing big parties, helping organize and work fundraisers, and ultimately organizing my own Private Parties. I call them DJ DALLAS DANCE PARTIES!  From St. John's, NL to London, ON and all points in between where they need to dance!  I am also associated with several groups and organizations out and about.   We, DJ DALLAS and Friends donate to the Humane Society regularily and we sponsor a cat cage and a dog pen at Oakville Humane Society where we take care of the specific needs of the kitty or doggie that resides in our cage. We manage to sponsor these cages and provide other support when we can. 

Check in  often or e-mail me directly to find the dates and spaces that I am hosting parties or playing for a community group.

My Music line-up is hugely versatile...'whatever makes the party happen...will happen'...(except polkas...LOL)  Today's Dance Club Hits, Retro, Hip Hop, Reggae, Salsa, Disco, Country, Old School Funk, Classic Rock, Latin, DNB...

Currently we have plans for Guelph Pride, Toronto Harbour Boat Cruises and Dance Parties in the GTA. However, I am  flexible and will come to your town...just contact me in person at

With regard to the Real Estate, please ask about my Friends and Family Buying/Selling Incentives as well as a DJ DALLAS HOUSEWARMING PARTY!

Note:  "This site is meant for FUN and to provide a way for people to find out about parties that I am involved with...I do appreciate feedback and suggestions" Events or event details may please confirm before you plan.  

CHEERS and THANK YOU for your Interest and Support!!!













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